The Perfect Fall Bucket List for Adults

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If you didn’t already know, I live in Houston, Texas. As a native Houstonian (something of a rarity these days), my love for this city runs deep. But you don’t have to have been born and raised here to know just how much it has to offer. But this isn’t a public service announcement to get you to move here—honestly, we’re full as it is! Today’s post is about finding everything you can fall in love with about your city and enjoying it during this beautiful transitional season.

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Summer tends to get all the shine for outdoor activities, but the cooler temperatures and changing colors of fall actually make it perfect for more than we give it credit. Turns out, sweltering summer temperatures aren’t ideal for lawn concerts or really anything that doesn’t involve air conditioning. 🙂 Just because the weather will mellow out soon, doesn’t mean hydration isn’t still important. I keep a water bottle on me year-round and am typically not partial to a specific brand BUT Acqua Panna® Natural Spring Water is a deliciously smooth exception. It has a special mineral balance for the smoothest taste and feels almost velvety to drink. I grab the Acqua Panna® Natural Spring Water 1 Liter Plastic Bottle at Randalls for my fall adventures because it keeps me hydrated on the go but isn’t heavy.

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The cool-down of fall is such a cozy and colorful setting for taking in live music, getting active, catching a show, or even doing something touristy in your hometown. This fall, I personally plan to vibe & ride, visit a local bat colony, and screen chick flicks with my friends at our favorite patio spot. Some fall bucket list activities can happen in any town, like visiting a pop-up food event or getting active outdoors. But others should be unique to your city. Think seasonal occurrences you look forward to all year. These are the must-do things you’d recommend to your out-of-town friends.

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Here’s my fall bucket list for Houston to provide some inspo. If you live here, I’ve done all the leg-work for you. And if you don’t, pin this list to Pinterest for your next visit to Space City and use it to get started on your own fall bucket list. At the bottom of this post is a blank fall bucket list for you to fill in and live out this season.

bucket list of things to do in Houston during the fall season

Some of these activities can happen most anytime of year, but I find they’re more enjoyable when the weather is milder. Houston heat is no joke and takes its sweet time winding down, so there is plenty of time to get this fall bucket list checked off. And there are so many experiences that can fit into each box. Here are more ideas to get you started.

Eat Outside

  • Patio Brunch
  • Picnic in the Park
  • Rooftop Happy Hour

Get Active Outdoors

  • Join a Run Club
  • Take your Workout to the Park
  • Rent a City Bike

Go to a Food Truck or Food Pop-Up

  • Traveling Food Experiences
  • Food Truck Parks
  • Local Fairs or Food Festivals

Do Something Touristy

  • Visit Botanical Gardens
  • Tour a Local Landmark

Watch a Movie or Play Outside

  • Rooftop Cinema Clubs
  • Drive-In Movies
  • Park Movie Screenings

Appreciate Outdoor Art

  • Local Murals
  • Park Sculptures
  • Pop-Up Art Experiences or Installations

Have Fun Near Water

  • Kayak or Paddleboat
  • Go to the Beach
  • Have Lunch near a Pond or Water Feature

Get Out into Nature

  • Hike a Local Trail
  • Rent a City Bike
  • Explore Local Parks or Arboretum

Listen to Live Music Outside

  • Lawn Seats at a Concert Venue
  • Park Concerts

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In a city like mine, it’s hard to stick to just one type of activity. So, I’ll be trying to check off more than what’s on the list above. And I’ve stocked up on Acqua Panna® Natural Spring Water from the drink aisle at Randalls so that I have naturally alkaline (pH of 8.0 or higher) hydration on hand for any event. The Randalls mobile app helps me stay organized when it comes to saving on it and all my favorite things in store.

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P.S. Here’s that fall bucket list to fill out for your city!

Fall bucket list to fill out for your city's activities

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