Jazzmine sitting on edge of fountain in Coyoacan, Mexico City, Mexico, wearing green silk dress and white button down shirt.

Hey! I’m Jazzmine Woodard, a millennial woman balancing travel adventures with my 9 to 5.

I’ve been writing about food and travel since 2015 and I started Jet Set Jazzmine to help you travel on your own terms.

  • I shoot most photos on my iPhone 12 Pro Max.
  • My current job allows for five weeks PTO.
  • So far, my top destination has been Miches, Dominican Republic.


You don’t have to wait for the right moment, the perfect job, a relationship, or even your friends to see the world!‚Äč

I’m a native of Houston, Texas, and the oldest of five kids. Growing up in a large family, travel meant roadtrips to San Antonio or Corpus Christi. I got on a plane for the first time at age 18 and didn’t get bitten by the travel bug (or really have the coins) until my 20s.

At 26, I took my first solo trip and first international trip to Belize after plans for a girls’ group trip didn’t make it out of the group chat! Since then, I committed to seeing more of the world and have made travel adventures part of my lifestyle.

I’ve traveled in so many different ways: with groups and with romantic partners, for leisure and for business, in luxury and on a very tight budget. But my most frequent kind of trip is a solo trip.

Solo trips have taught me that I am capable, adventurous, and my own best advocate and I believe every woman should travel solo at least once in her life. Here’s my best solo travel advice for women.

Pursuing my passion for travel while building a corporate career and launching a digital brand has not been easy but it’s been so worth it.

So I created this online space to share the lessons and tips I’ve learned along the way and bring you on my travel journey in the hopes of inspiring yours.

Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your next destination, need to know how to maximize your PTO, or want vacation outfit ideas, you’ll find it here.

When I’m not traveling, you can typically find me creating in the kitchen, working remotely, or spending time with friends and family. I also spend lots of time exploring the beauty of my hometown and have tons of resources to help you plan a memorable trip to Houston!






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