How to Spend a Day in Goutte d’Or Paris

Goutte d’Or translates to drop of gold in French and is a true Parisian gem filled with African French culture, cuisine, and more. Here’s how to spend a day in Goutte d’Or when visiting Paris, France!

street mural of a Black woman smoking a cigar under the words "la goutte rouge" in Quartier Goutte d'Or Paris.

History of Goutte d’Or

Quartier Goutte d’Or is a neighborhood in Paris that was incorporated into the city in 1860 and is located in the 18th arrondissement. Many residents of the neighborhood are African immigrants from former French colonies like Algeria and Senegal.

Due to these demographics, Goutte d’Or is also known as the Little Africa or Petite Afrique of Paris and has a concentration of Black-owned shops, restaurants, and other businesses. Indeed, as I made my way to the Goutte from my hotel, I noticed that people became more and more melanated as I got closer!

I love seeking out Black experiences no matter the destination, like taking an Afro colonial history tour in Santo Domingo or experiencing African culture in Loiza, Puerto Rico so this half day trip to Goutte d’Or was right up my alley when I visited Paris for the first time.

street mural reading La Goutte D'Or alongside an urban park in Paris.

Getting There

Doudeauville, Gare du Nord, and Pajol Départment are the closest Paris metro stations. This neighborhood is very walkable and I recommend wearing comfortable shoes to get around easily.

It’s not necessary to drive around Goutte d’Or as a visitor unless you plan to do a lot of shopping with heavy bags, in which case you can easily get a rideshare like Uber.

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Maison Chateau Rouge storefront display with colorful hanging and folded garments in Little Africa district of Paris, France.
shelf of colorful woven baskets, beaded sculpture, and ceramic vessels on shelf at Maison Chateau Rouge in Goutte d'Or Paris.

Things to Do

Shopping for African textiles and homewares is a dream in Goutte d’Or and Maison Chateau Rouge is probably the most popular destination due to it’s bright aesthetic and viral online presence. I picked up a Young Cut sweatshirt and some souvenirs here. And here’s how to get a VAT refund on big ticket items!

Don’t limit yourself to one shop, though. There are several local family owned businesses with wide selections of imported and locally made fabrics, clothes, handbags, and trinkets, as well as chain locations like Mama Getzner.

Little Africa Experiences offers two different guided tour options to give you a behind the scenes look at what makes the Goutte d’Or district special. Book the Made in Goutte d’Or African Fashion and History tour over two hours or try Taste of Africa in Paris to explore the neighborhood’s African food market and restaurants!

Le 360 (Paris Music Factory) is a live music venue featuring acts from all kinds of genres. If you can take in a show while in Paris, both the performances and the food and drink have fantastic reviews.

Take in French architecture and cultural exhibits at Church of Saint-Bernard de la Chapelle and the Institut de Cultures d’Islam.

Enjoy African and fusion food from different countries on The Motherland and French fare. My restaurant picks are just below!

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plate of sweet potato fritters, dipping sauce, and hibiscus zobo drink at Paris restaurant Black-owned BMK Bistro.

Restaurants to Try

Basra specializes in grilled meats and serves up traditional Algerian food in an intimate space.

Brasserie de la Goutte d’Or is a brewery or brewpub with live music and bar bites. This restaurant has beer on tap as well as bottles.

Jour et Nuit means “day and night” but is not open 24 hours so don’t get it twisted! This restaurant serves Moroccan food and has been noted for the best tagine in Paris.

Les Trois Freres translates to “the three brothers” and serves traditional French food. This is a neighborhood restaurant where you’ll find local folks eating so you know it’s good.

Mama Kossa serves Afro Caribbean food and plays vibey live music. It is highly rated and very popular with both locals and travelers so best to call ahead for a reservation!

Restaurant Chez Ma Coco is unassuming from the outside and easy to pass up but you should stop in for authentic Congolese food at a great value.

Restaurant Thiéye Ndakaru is no frills but serves generous portions of flavorful authentic Senegalese food!

While we’re on the topic of Black Parisian restaurants, I also highly recommend visiting BMK Paris Afro Bistro and Table Metis (reservation strongly encouraged). These spots are not in Goutte d’Or but were certainly highlights of my solo trip to Paris!

Lodging Options

Although I only spent about a day in the neighborhood, there are a few hostels and hotels in Goutte d’Or, including Hôtel du Globe 18, Kube Hotel Paris, and Paris Rooms & Dreams Hotel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Drop of Gold Paris?

Goutte d’Or or Drop of Gold is located in the southern part of the 18th arrondissement, bordered by Boulevard de la Chapelle, Boulevard Barbés, Rue Ordener, and Rue de Tombouctou and Rue Stephenson.

Is Goutte d’Or in Paris safe?

The neighborhood has a low reputation for safety but it’s unclear how much of this is rooted in racially biased perception and how much is rooted in reality. I had no issues walking around Goutte d’Or as an obvious tourist and carrying shopping bags.

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I hope you’ll pencil visiting Goutte d’Or into your Paris itinerary. And sharing is caring so be sure to pin this guide to Goutte d’Or for later and follow me over on Pinterest. Thanks for reading!

Paris street mural of Black woman with red flowers in her hair with text overlay: one-day itinerary Drop of Gold, Paris.
collage of photos from around the Parisian Goutte d'Or neighborhood with text overlay: how to spend a day in Goutte d'Or Paris.
shelf of sculptures and baskets at Maison Chateau Rouge in Paris with text overlay: how to spend a day in Goutte d'Or Paris what to know before you go.

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