What to Wear in Paris in March: Women’s Packing List

Planning to visit Paris in the spring? Here are your women’s essentials for a Paris trip, including chic recommendations for how to dress for Paris in March with style and warmth!

Jazzmine standing in street of Montmartre neighborhood of Paris, France clutching the fur collar of a long black coat.
photo by Natalie Gardot

What’s the weather like?

Paris, France is the ultimate destination for a fashion-lover like me. But what to pack for Paris in the springtime had me a little nervous because the weather ranges from snowy to sunny (but still very cold) and windy.

Here’s what I packed and wore for a variety of indoor and outdoor activities during a four-day trip to Paris and Champagne, plus a full Paris women’s packing list for March and April!

What to Wear on the Plane to Paris

Wear your heaviest shoes with compression socks, coat, and a comfortable layered outfit on the plane. A knit maxi dress or tailored joggers with a tee and sweater are my in-flight go to outifts.

A big tip for how to pack for Paris in a carry on–or anywhere, really–is to bring just a couple pairs of shoes. I went with a pair of black booties and white sneakers and wore my heaviest, lug-sole boots on the plane.

Due to the snowy forecast, I had intended to wear them during the trip, as well but my feet swelled up in flight, making them too uncomfortable. Which is why I highly recommend packing compression socks!

What to Pack for Paris in March

  • What shoes to wear in Paris in March? Broken-in sneakers or comfortable walking shoes are an absolute must. Some days I walked up to 12 miles. Stan Smiths are my favorite comfortable walking shoes for a Eurotrip.
  • Chic and substantial coat – One of my favorite parts of this trip was taking in all the street style eye candy and early spring in Paris means that stylish Parisian winter coats were the centerpieces of most looks.
  • Compression socks
  • Gloves
  • Handbag – A crossbody bag that zips is commonly recommended as the best bag for walking around Paris as a tourist. Not only is it light enough to keep up with you all day, it helps deter pick-pockets.
  • Headphones – These were helpful for following GPS directions while walking without everyone around me knowing that I didn’t know where I was going. Also great for in-flight noise cancellation.
  • Plug converter – This is one of those things you might forget to pack for Paris but could possibly be supplied by your hotel so make sure you ask in advance as you’re planning.
  • Power bank is a must to keep you untethered as you visit all the iconic sites.
  • Scarf
  • Sunglasses
  • Thermal tights or leggings – These will allow you to wear something other than jeans every day and might even come in clutch under your jeans, too.
  • Trench Coat or Poncho as it will be rainy some days. I use this classic lined trench coat for cold weather because it has a detachable hood.
  • Toiletries and cosmetics – as a Black woman going to Paris with natural hair, products took up so much space for me!

And because I enjoy budget-friendly travel, everything fit into a carry-on bag, because that’s just how I roll. Here’s my carry-on bag packing method where you don’t have to sacrifice style!

Check out my essential travel items for women to round out your Paris packing list.

What to Wear in Paris

Because this timing borders on winter and spring, I recommend dressing, in order to remain flexible and minimize trips back to my hotel for outfit changes.

Pinterest and Instagram are great sources of Paris street style inspiration for packing, with some caveats for comfort due to the weather and amount of walking. A quick search of how do Parisians dress in the wintertime should do the trick.

What to Wear to the Museums & Shopping

I wanted to be comfortable yet chic for a day of visiting Parisian museums and luxury shopping. This thick sweatshirt was warm enough for early April in Paris and these pointy leather boots were surprisingly made for walking–kilometres!

For Sightseeing

From seeing the Eiffel Tower to walking all around to different patisseries and La Goutte d’or, I spent over 12 miles in these sneakers in one day and they were comfy the whole time!

And I recommend layering fleece tights under your distressed jeans to keep warm.

For a Day-trip to Champagne, France

You’ll want to look pulled together for visiting the Champagne houses but still be prepared for a good deal of walking indoors and out. It also gets cold in the cellars so keep that in mind.

It’s such a tourist rite of passage but I purchased this beret from a street vendor and it definitely kept my head warm. I also recommend carrying a crossbody bag to remain hands-free for photos and holding flutes of champagne!

For a Paris Cabaret Show

Going to one of the famous Paris carbarets, like Crazy Horse, calls for sexy attire and I highly recommend a matching set plus a little bit of lace for the occasion.

There can be a bit of a wait to enter and the seats are on the smaller side so keep comfort in mind, as well.

For a Chic Cafe Day

You can absolutely wear a t shirt in Paris, just make it chic! You’ll notice that when Parisians wear jeans and tees, they are typically more fitted and understated.

For a Paris Photo Shoot

How to dress for Paris in March? Fleece tights will keep you comfortable even with your legs exposed during early spring/late winter in Paris. And a piece that shows movement, like this pleated skirt is perfect for a photo shoot.

Wear a bodysuit versus a regular shirt so you don’t have to fidget with it or make adjustments during precious shoot time!

Here’s how to find a great photographer while on vacation!

How to dress like a local in Paris

There is no official dress code for Paris. And despite what we’ve seen on Emily in Paris, you’re more likely to be frowned upon for not speaking French than for dressing a certain way.

That being said, there are some general distinctions between Parisian and American style. To “fit in” you’ll want to pack and wear pieces that are more tailored and fitted. Street style sneakers instead of running shoes, and a bodysuit or blouse instead of a relaxed tee.

In March and April, you’ll want to opt for a tailored coat and trench jacket instead of pullovers or half-zips.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to buy a beret for vacation to France?

In Paris. Berets are sold in shops and street stalls all over the popular tourist areas like near the Eiffel Tower and Champs Elysees. They are inexpensive so don’t bother packing one unless you already have it on hand.

What kind of jeans to wear in Paris?

Wear clean, quality jeans that are fitted–either flare, boot cut or wide leg. Distressed jeans are ok but not as popular and you’ll notice that if Parisians do wear ripped jeans, they usually have tights underneath.

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I hope this post provides you with all the essentials while embracing spring and winter style in Paris on your next visit. And sharing is caring so be sure to pin these packing tips for Paris and follow me over on Pinterest. Thanks for reading!

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