Nana Vida CDMX: Boutique Hotel Review

Are you planning a trip to Mexico City and thinking about staying at Nana Vida CDMX? Here’s my honest review from a week-long solo stay, including notes on accessibility, location, and amenities to help you make an informed decision before you book!

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standard king room at Nana Vida CDMX boutique hotel with local artwork and colorful artisan handicrafts throughout the room.

Would I recommend this hotel?

First things first, I thoroughly enjoyed my stay at Nana Vida Hotel and did not have any issues! The staff were always kind and helpful and the property is modern yet homey, if that makes sense. My room was very spacious, light, and airy with artisan decor touches (more on that below).

However, I am a seasoned solo traveler and may have a higher tolerance for some things than you. And with it being a relatively new property, there were very few reviews available when I made my reservation. So, while I would probably book again, here are a couple of quick things to know before you book at this property.

English or Español–or even Nahuatl! The staff is fluent in multiple languages, which makes it easy to get whatever you need. I still recommend brushing up on your Spanish before going to Mexico City, though.

Nana Vida is not fully accessible. The hotel lobby is on the second floor of the property and there are several more floors for guest rooms, amenities, and the rooftop–there is no elevator.

Guests must be buzzed into the building from the front desk, which may not be ideal if you plan to have lots of late nights or are concerned about waiting on the street for a bit. The front desk is open 24 hours, though, and I did not ever have to wait more than two minutes for someone to come down and open the door during my stay.

I had plenty of early mornings to visit Las Grutas de Tolantongo and for a sunrise hot air balloon ride over Teotihuacan and no matter what time I was up, someone was at the desk and smiling!

Where is Nana Vida CDMX?

Nana Vida Ciudad de Mexico is located in the Roma Norte neighborhood of Mexico City. The address is Cda. Orizaba 161, Roma Norte, Cuahtémoc, 06700 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico

And the phone number is +52 55 5574 5789. Here’s the Nana Vida listing on Google Maps. Go ahead and download that to your phone before you go!

It’s right at the corner of Cda. Orizabe and C. Querétaro but the location is not immediately obvious from the street as there isn’t a conspicuous sign with the hotel name so pay attention.

Plan to also spend time in Mexico City’s Coyoacán neighborhood while you’re there!

Jazzmine standing on hotel Nana Vida's rooftop wearing a black slip dress and blazer and pink heeled sandals with treetops and high-rise buildings in the background.
handmade wooden sign reading "hacer la habitacion make up room" hanging from door handle of guest room at Nana Vida CDMX.
brown hand holding artisan soap bar wrapped in bright teal paper over hammered sink basin.

Hotel Amenities

One of the things I love about boutique hotels are the special touches and Nana Vida in Mexico City definitely has those! Upon check in, I was greeted with a cold beverage and my pick of locally made artisan soap, which you can use during your stay or keep as a souvenir.

Artisan Focus – This hotel actually has artisan works throughout the property, from the artwork to the lampshades to the textile chandeliers in each room. Additionally, there are styled lounge areas with free mezcal and candy tastings. I enjoyed my fill of authentic Mexican candies from the self-serve candy wall just off the lobby.

Dining – There is no formal restaurant onsite but there is a lovely rooftop situation that I recommend checking out even if only for Instagram photos! There are also Mexican pastries, coffee, tea, and other small bites available in the kitchen each morning.

WiFi was consistent and of decent speed. I didn’t have any connectivity issues making calls and sending messages over wifi while in the hotel.

Housekeeping came to my room daily upon request and left it sparkling and cold bottles of water are available at the front desk every day, too.

Parking options are pretty much parallel street parking, though I did not rent a car so can’t speak to how easy it might be to find a spot. There are several business, bars, and restaurants in walking distance so I saw plenty of cars lining the street any time I stepped out.

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blue and teal textile chandelier in standard king room at Mexico City boutique hotel in Roma Norte.

Which Room to Book

The standard king room I stayed in had enough space for me as a single traveler but would have been suitable for couples, too, with a double vanity in the bathroom and plenty of closet real estate.

A couple of things to note: At the time of my stay, there were no phones in the room to call down to the front desk for questions. This wasn’t a big deal because my room was literally steps from the lobby area but might not be great for you if you are staying a floor above and need extra towels or anything.

Additionally, I recommend trying to get a courtyard facing room, if possible. My room faced the busy street, which meant light and noise from traffic and nightlife in Roma. The hotel does provide earplugs and a white noise machine, which were helpful but I’m also a medium to heavy sleeper.

Pack a good sleep mask in case you do get a street room! I made the mistake of not bringing mine and kicked myself because the curtains are not blackout and let in slices of light at night.

The room keys are old school which reminded me of my stylish boutique hotel stay in Paris except that the locks don’t definitely “click” when engaged so had a little trouble making sure my door was locked and kept double checking it.

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dark green ceramic mug of green tea on wooden table next to succulent plant.

Notes for Solo Travelers

As a woman visiting Mexico City solo, I did not have any safety concerns at or near this property. The area is generally very busy and doesn’t settle down until late at night no matter what day of the week it is so keep that in mind.

The only drawback of Nana Vida I think is important to call out fo a solo traveler is that you have to wait on the street to be buzzed into the property. This can be mildly inconvenient or even unnerving depending on the circumstances of your visit but I did not have any issues and didn’t even get caught in any of the passing spring rain during my time there!

Check out my top tips for women taking solo trips to get advice on staying safe and having fun when you travel alone!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Nana Vida Mexico City expensive?

I found the rate to be very affordable–around $100 USD per night. You could find an Airbnb or hostel for cheaper but, for me, this was a good balance of safety, amenities, and access to events and things to do.

Is Nana Vida hotel boutique CDMX close to the airport?

No. This hotel is located in the Roma Norte district of Mexico City, which is approximately 10km from the airport. Thankfully, taxis and rideshare options are reasonably priced.

Is Nana Vida a chain?

While the only one of its kind in Mexico City, Nana Vida is part of a group of boutique hotels with locations in Morelia and Oaxaca, as well.

More Mexico City Moments

I hope this Nana Vida CDMX hotel boutique review helps you plan the perfect trip. And sharing is caring, so be sure to pin this post for later and follow me over on Pinterest. Thanks for reading!

interior of Nana Vida standard king room with text overlay: nana vida hotel review what to know before booking.
exterior of Hotel Nana Vida Mexico City with text overlay: boutique hotel in roma norte.

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