Where to Eat in Mexico City – 2024 Foodie Favorites

When I was planning my trip to Mexico City, everyone told me I’d enjoy the best foods at unique restaurants, and I did! Whether you’re looking for healthy local foods, indulgent fine dining & cocktails, or budget friendly authentic street food, you’ll find it–here’s where to eat in Mexico City.

interior of Blanco Colima restaurant in Roma Norte, Mexico City, with ornate light fixtures, plaster wall filigree, and geometric tiled floors.

Mexico City is known world-class cuisine across a variety of cultures and price points so there’s something for everybody whether you’re looking for a Michelin star experience or traveling on a budget. From authentic Mexican street food to fusion concepts, I enjoyed a little bit of everything on my last Mexico City solo vacation–and I didn’t forget dessert!

Tips for Dining in Mexico City

Most businesses are closed on Mondays so take that into account when planning and making reservations.

Both Spanish and English are spoken widely in Mexico City but not every menu is available in English so it’s a good idea to learn a bit of Spanish and even look at the menus in advance, if possible. You can also ask your waiter to help translate or describe dishes in a pinch.

Ask for your check/bill. It’s considered rude for the server to “rush” you or present the check unprompted so just as for la cuenta when you’re ready.

Water does not come out standard with meals when dining in Mexico City. You’ll need to order still, sparkling, or agua del filtro–the latter being filtered jug water.

Solo dining in Mexico City is perfectly acceptable and common so don’t feel at all embarrassed or that you must sit at the bar with a reservation for one.

8 Top Mexico City Restaurants

Here are my favorite places to eat in Mexico City, in no order other than alphabetical, with options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, cocktails, and dessert!

Alba Cocina Local

colorful heirloom tomato salad and roasted marrow at Alba Cocina Local restaurant in Juarez, Mexico City.

Wondering where to eat in Juarez neighborhood? Alba Cocina Local is located in Juarez and a small and cozy farm-to-table concept offering beautifully presented dishes that emphasize local ingredients and fusion flavors. I enjoyed the heirloom tomato salad, roasted marrow, oxtail tapa, and a cocktail. Cash or card accepted.

Blanco Colima

Jardí de Grosellas spritz cocktail and bottle of Top Chico on dinner table at Blanco Colima Mexico City restaurant.

And here’s where to eat in Roma! Blanco Colima, in Roma Norte, requires reservations and can get booked up quickly so plan ahead if you want to go.

This is a great spot for date night or any nice dinner and is upscale so I definitely recommend getting dressed for a nice night out. I had dinner, cocktail, and dessert with incredible service and presentation for 1200 pesos.

And check out what to wear in Mexico City for different activities and sites!

Churrería El Moro

Jazzmine dipping warm churro into small bowl of cajeta caramel at El Moro in Mexico City.

Churros are one of the best foods to eat in Mexico City and El Moro has multiple locations throughout CDMX so there’s no excuse not to add it to your foodie itinerary. It can get busy but there’s plenty of indoor/outdoor seating and the churros are worth the wait.

I highly recommend getting cajeta and Mexican hot chocolate to dunk your churros in. This order cost me 122 pesos. Cash and card are accepted here.

Madre Café

thick slice of French toasted drenched in berry sauce and topped with fresh berries dusted in powdered sugar at Madre Cafe brunch in Roma Norte, Mexico City.

Madre Café is in Roma Norte and the perfect spot for brunch during your Mexico City vacation. It’s very popular so I recommend making a reservation or being patient for a potential wait time.

Despite being a busy spot, the service was great and they had lots of charming touches like mimosa bar, open kitchen, and assorted pan dulce–not complimentary. A French toast brunch with eggs, frijoles, matcha, and Topo Chico cost me 710 pesos–cash or card accepted.

Here’s the travel credit card I recommend for earning points on dining for free flights!

Picnic Helados

brown hand holding waffle cone filled with mamey sapote sorbet from Picnic Helados ice cream shop where you can get dessert in Mexico City's Coyoacan neighborhood.

Picnic Helados is an ice cream shop located in Coyoacan on Malintzin with a walk up window that can be easy to miss so keep your eyes peeled. The ice creams are made with natural, seasonal, local ingredients and I highly recommend the mamey sapote sorbet, which was 55 pesos on a waffle cone–cash or card!

Here’s my itinerary of the best things to do in while in Coyoacán, while you’re there.

Pulqueria La Antigua Roma

glass of guava flavored pulque fermented agave beverage on table inside Pulqueria la Antigua Roma where you can get authentic pulque in El Centro Mexico City.

Despite the name, Pulqueria la Antigua Roma is located near El Centro Historico, or Mexico City’s downtown historic district. This tiny, colorful pulque spot is no frills with a jukebox, a few places to sit, and a rotating selection of authentic pulque flavors available in different sizes.

Un vaso de pulque guayaba was 30 pesos at the time of my visit. Cash only!

Pulque is a fermented agave drink that you can only get in this region of Mexico so it’s a CDMX bucket list item for sure. If you enjoy fermented foods and drinks like kimchi or kombucha, I think you’ll like it!

Street Vendors

large verde tamal from Mexican food street vendor in Coyoacan.

Figuring out where to eat the best street food in Mexico City is easier when you build relationships with people who live there. Daniel put me onto this tamal after a Mexico City photoshoot and guided history tour of the Coyoacan neighborhood.

This tamal verde and a large cup of rice atole was just 40 pesos. Street vendors are typically cash only.

Taquería Orinoco

platter of potatoes and tacos al pastor at Taquería Orinoco where you'll get the best tacos in Mexico city.

I couldn’t leave without letting you know where to eat tacos in Mexico City! Located in Polanco, Taquería Orinoco served up my favorite street style tacos of the trip, specifically tacos al pastor. And the guava hibiscus aguas fresca was top notch.

This is a great spot for solo dining and people watching in Mexico City because they have counter style seating facing the street window. It was easy to strike up conversation with another female solo traveler during dinner. They take cash or card and a meal with three tacos and drink was under 150 pesos.

For more of my favorite tacos al pastor check out my solo Cozumel itinerary for Los Sera’s Taqueria and my solo Tulum itinerary for Antojitos La Chiapaneca!

Bonus: Mezcal Mixology Experience

moody bar lined with bottles of Mezcal, mixers, liqueurs, glasses, bar tools, and fresh fruit, at Salón Rosario speakeasy in Mexico City.

While not technically a restaurant, the mezcal experience at Salón Rosario is not to be missed. Mexico City is the place for enjoying mezcal straight or mixed up in delicious cocktails and this in-town excursion teaches you how to taste it as well as build quality drinks in a chic setting.

More Local Mezcal Experiences

Favorite Foodie Destinations to Try Next

Now that your list of restaurants to visit in Mexico City is fleshed out, I’m wishing you a safe and delicious trip. And sharing is caring so be sure to pin this guide over on Pinterest. Thanks for reading!

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cajeta sauce dripping from churro with text overlay: where to eat in Mexico City.
collage of fresh colorful dishes from unique Mexico City restaurants with text overlay: where to eat in Mexico City.

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