Crazy Horse Paris Review

I took in a cabaret at Le Crazy Horse de Paris show on my last night visiting Paris in the springtime and thoroughly enjoyed it. In this Crazy Horse Paris review, I’ll share my firsthand experience attending the show as a solo female traveler, including some tips to help you have the best experience.

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Crazy Horse vs. Moulin Rouge vs. Le Lido 2

There are three very well known Parisian cabarets to choose from and which one you select depends on what you’re after. Moulin Rouge is thought to be more authentically French, however, it has a reputation for being cheesy and touristy.

Lido 2 has varying reviews and is actually not the same kind of cabaret as Crazy Horse but more of a musical with a lead dancer and lots of humor. Crazy Horse, on the other hand, is self-described as a temple of chic and femininity.

So for a true burlesque experience, I went with Crazy Horse based on timing, price, and reviews. This was my very last thing to do in Paris after taking a day trip to Champagne so the late night vibe was the perfect punctuation to my vacation.

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How to Get There

Le Crazy Horse Saloon is located at 12 Av. George V, 75008 in Paris, France. It’s in the 8th Arrondissement not far from iconic monument and flagship luxury shopping centers for designers like Saint Laurent and Louis Vuitton. If you’re doing any shopping, read this guide to getting your VAT tax back first.

You can get to the cabaret easily by driving, via ride share or the Paris Metro. I took the metro train from my hotel and you’ll want to take either line 1 or line 9.

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Jazzmine wearing a patterned silk kimono and matching trousers with a black lace bodysuit posing in front of a black and white picture of a Crazy Horse dancer.

Dress Code

Crazy Horse recommends “an elegant outfit” and no casual or athletic wear. This doesn’t mean you need to wear a suit and tie or evening gown and heels but it is a great excuse to dress up and be extra!

I’ll note that though this is a seated show, you may be standing for a while depending on how early you arrive so consider that when selecting shoes. I took inspiration from the lace, silk, and satin associated with burlesque and cabaret shows to style my look for the night.

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brown hand holding program for Totally Crazy cabaret show in dark red lighting.

The Show Review

I went to the signature show, which is called Totally Crazy and currently consists of 19 acts with an intermission with a 90-minute runtime. There are two showings every night Sunday through Friday and three shows on Saturdays. I went to the 10:30pm show on a Monday night.

Wondering when to arrive? I recommend about 30 minutes ahead of the start time because, in my experience, the curtain rose promptly and the show ran on time. There was a bit of a line in the lobby to get in as tickets were being scanned, seats assigned, etc.

Also, you can order food and drink before the show starts. No photos or videos are allowed during the show, which is truly for the best because it would be such a distraction. Here are a few options to get your tickets, including VIP reservations.

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In my opinion, the show was well done and the dancers were very talented, so I absolutely recommend going! This performance style was an inspiration source for Beyoncé’s Partition music video and the parallels are obvious.

Of course, this is a sexy, adults only kind of vibe and there was nudity so if that’s not your thing, Le Crazy Horse may not be for you. TLDR: not a kid friendly activity!

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Is the Crazy Horse Cabaret show good for solo travelers?

I will say that the solo seats seemed to all be up against the stage so, while the view could not be beat, I had to cock my head back to see. At one point, one of the dancer’s costumes flew right by my head!

And I could also see behind the curtain from my seat, which took a bit of the magic away.

That said, I enjoyed the show and don’t think you should let being solo stop you from seeing a cabaret in Paris. Just research the seats of whichever option you choose for the best experience possible.

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More Favorite Moments from Paris

I hope this review of Le Crazy Horse de Paris helps you plan the best trip. And sharing is caring so be sure to pin this post for later and follow me over on Pinterest. Thanks for reading!

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